An intervention in the Polish Embassy on Athens took place on July 18th.

The text of the intervention follows:

Since May 2016 the Polish government has passed a series of anticommunist bans that falsify History, in order to bad-mouth the revolutionary, historical conscience of the Polish proletariat. Names and parties of revolutionary organizations have been banned. These include the “Dabrowski Brigade”, which fought with the International Brigades during the Spanish Civil War, the “Proletariat Party” in which Rosa Luxemburg was a member, the Communist Party of Poland, the People’s Army (AL) and the People’s Guard (GL) of antifascist partisans. This year the Polish government, an avid heir of the bourgeois-squire Nazi collaborators, passed an amendment that stipulates the destruction of monuments and cemeteries of the Red Army within a year. The honourable Red Army liberated Poland and literally Europe itself. The Red Army liberated the prisoners of Auschwitz that was situated in Polish territory and left 600.000 of its own men dead in that land.

This anticommunist hysteria is a part of a worldwide attempt by the bourgeoisie to equate the Nazi-fascist regimes –regimes that were born and nourished by the bourgeoisie in order to save itself from the labour movement– and Communism. The bourgeoisie is scared shitless of the very idea of Communism. Its’ statues and symbols remind us of class struggle. The remind us of the historical moment when the proletariat revolted and prevailed against its’ oppressors.

Since the Eastern Block collapsed, in the countries that were part of it we see communists and members of the antifascist Resistance being prosecuted and everything that is associated with the revolutionary history of the proletariat and communism being purged. Nazi collaborationists are being reinstated and they even participate in governments, either by taking official positions or as faithful watchdogs.

We, as internationalist and antifascist workers, do not forget and do not forgive. We stand against revisionists and their operatives (like the Greeks Maratzidis and Kalivas or the German Nolte) and send our solidarity to the Polish antifascist proletarians that fight against this situation in these dark times. This symbolic intervention in front of the Polish embassy in Athens is a call for everyone in the antifascist movement to make protests wherever possible and show in every possible way their opposition to reactionary capitalist schemes. The people will prevail, it happened then, it will happen again!


Antifascist workers’ group