The 2nd Bida Conference, held from January to April 2023, moved on the following basis and the members participated with suggestions and interventions. Many of the suggestions were discussed with comrades in individual assemblies. There are still several open issues for discussion of the elaborations of the 2nd Conference because the political events of the period overshadowed this internal political process.

With this Conference, Bida stands firmly on its political/ideological ground and at its own pace trying to find itself with the working class and the youth on solid positions that promote unity and the struggle against imperialist dependence and the local bourgeoisie. 

The body of the 2nd Conference:                                                                              

– The imperialist system and the dependent nature of Greek capitalism.

– The inside imperialist conflicts in the Balkans and the SE Mediterranean.

– The Marxist-Leninist theory as a weapon of the organized proletariat.

– The formation of the working class in Greece as a country with “central industry” tourism and services.

– The union-labor struggles and Bida’s position on the issue of unions and labor groups. – A brief account of Vida’s action from the 1st Conference (2017) to the 2nd Conference (2023):

A. The retreat and fragmentation of the movement as we knew it until the SYRIZA tail referendum and the “first time left” government.

B. The formation of Bida and Prolet connect in an Organization and its independent presence in the class competitive movement, in the working class, in the youth, in the feminist movement and in cities of Greece.

C. The issue of the pandemic and Bida’s distinct point of view and position on the class stance that the working class had to take in the workplaces against the bombing of positions of the bourgeoisie. Political “isolation” as a material for forging the Organization in conditions of intense political struggle and struggle of principles about “where” the working class should move. Conclusions.

D. War. Russian invasion in Ukraine. Bida’s positions against the NATOist and PutinistLeft. The historical separation with the two trends and the intense political-ideological struggle of principles with the supporters of the Russian imperialism. Conclusions.

E. The issues of Independence and Socialism/Communism as a position in the face of political confusion, the opportunistic rhetorical cries of late “ultra-revolutionaries”, the ill-digested leftism and the Trotskyistsagainst the Third Internationalist Communist movement.

– Marxist analysis of the feminist movement and Bida’s intervention in the women’s issue. – The stable orientation of Bida in defence of the revolutionary KKE and Nikos Zachariadis. The existence and development of the “Red Library” as apublishing tool for debate with the revisionists.

– Organizational issues. The internal rules of the Organization. The class composition of Bida. The duties of the members and the formation of the leadership. Thesis-conclusions. The 2nd Conference decided to upgrade the blog of Bida during the summer, the permanent edition of the bulletin which is distributed free of charge and in large circulation with articles and positions and the special edition of a volume with the positions and opinions of Bida on the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the war. Long live the working class. The struggle for proletarian revolution and communism continues…

Σύντομος απολογισμός της 2ης Συνδιάσκεψης της Βίδας